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SGS Stroud


Access to College Education (ACE) programmes provide a wide variety of courses for young people from 15 to 25 who need extra help with their studies.

SGS Stroud offers two pathways: Access to Work or Independent Living, and Access to Vocational Courses. Both offer a range of courses to suit individual needs. The Access to Work or Independent Living pathway prepares you for further ACE courses, the world of work, or independent living. The Access to Vocational Courses pathway prepares you for further studies or vocational courses at college.

Our courses are designed to boost students’ self-confidence and social skills while achieving a variety of qualifications.

We create a personalised learning plan for each student, which includes realistic and achievable targets based on your own abilities and personal goals. We will discuss your progress with your parent or carer throughout the year, to ensure you stay on target, while regular tutorials and meetings with your personal tutor will help you meet your aims and goals.