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Stroud School of Art Tutors’ Exhibition now open

School of Art tutors from SGS College have launched their multi-disciplinary exhibition in Gallery 1 of the Museum in the Park.

Running for two week the event is an opportunity to see staff’s working practice, and also the chance for students to critique their tutor’s work. The annual exhibition runs from 10th September until 25th.

Claire Bagnall-Hunt, Head of Department, Art, Culture & Media commented: “This is a wonderful opportunity to see my colleagues work. It really demonstrates the skill and vision that our tutors have and how honoured students are at this College to be taught by outstanding tutors who are also practicing artists.”
This is an annual collaboration with the Museum in the Park and we are really fortunate that the Museum offer us this fantastic opportunity to showcase the work of our tutors and the skillset on offer to anyone who studies an Art course at SGS.”