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Students create sculpture for charity

A motherboard sculpture of Africa created by students was donated to charity yesterday following a work experience project.  

Four students, currently studying Product Design at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College, have been working with charity IT Schools Africa who provide access to e-learning to students in Africa. 

The level 3 learners had a strict brief to follow; one month to create one large sculpture of Africa for head office and a smaller one for them to take around to promote the charity.  

IT Schools Africa provided the motherboards and the students had to experiment to find successful tools and techniques to cut and fix them into the specified design. The tools needed included; jigsaws, angle grinder and sanders. Students did this project in their free time.  

The finished artwork was unveiled to the charity at the Stroud Campus yesterday. Donations Co-ordinator Louise Mee said:  “It is absolutely fantastic. Such a good visual representation of what we do. This will make a great talking point.”  

Student Lizze Soremi commented: “We are very proud with what we have achieved. This project was full of unexpected challenges but we worked together and when we had overcome these challenges we found we had learned new skills.  We improved our professional and communication skills and had to work with a variety of SGS staff and different departments to achieve the final product – it was a team SGS project in the end!” 

Fellow student Josh Franklin added: “It was interesting working to a brief and a deadline. We had a few setbacks including how we could cut the motherboards, but we worked together to overcome the challenges and we are really pleased to be presenting it today.”