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Former Student Lizzie Gets Job with Top Shirtmaker

A former student at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College has been offered a job with Emma Willis, a top shirtmaker based in London’s Jermyn Street after completing a prestigious scholarship with the company.

Lizzie Willett, who studied Art & Design with a focus on fashion at SGS College’s Stroud campus, was put forward for the Conde Nast Sewing Scholarship by her former tutors. After being accepted onto the scholarship and honing her skills at Emma Willis’s Gloucester factory for the past year, Lizzie will now be working full time with the company.

It’s a move that Lizzie is clearly excited by: “The scholarship went really well; it’s helped me in my future plans as I’ve always wanted to make my own clothes. I love being able to combine materials together to create a garment customers are able to wear and enjoy. It also confirmed my thoughts that I didn’t have to go to university to do what I wanted as my chosen career.”

Emma Willis is backing the newest member of her sewing team to succeed in her new job: “I was really impressed with Lizzie – she’s a team player who works very hard, and is always listening, learning and impressing her trainers with her dedication and high standard of work, so it was an easy decision for me to offer her a permanent position.”

Now on course to develop her skills further in her new job, Lizzie first learned the basics of her new profession during her time at SGS College. “The College has excellent facilities that allowed me to learn processes that needed specialist equipment, giving me opportunities to develop my work I wouldn’t have got elsewhere. The tutors also encouraged me to work to my full potential, and believed in my abilities even when I was questioning whether I should give up.”

Kayleigh Ross, one of Lizzie’s tutors at SGS Stroud is confident Emma has made the right choice in hiring her former student. “Lizzie’s as hard working as they come, and I know she’s going to succeed in her new job. Everything I saw of Lizzie and her work during her time at the College tells me that Emma has found a great addition to her team.”