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Australians storm into College to find solution to GCSE Maths and English resits

Like every college in the country, South Gloucestershire and Stroud College (SGS) are wrestling with the best way to deliver GCSE Maths and English for all learners who join them in September with Grade D's. As a condition of funding from this September, the College has been piloting resists for the last two years and this year alone had nearly 800 learners sitting GCSE resit examinations in June.

Sara-Jane Watkins, Vice Principal comments: “Despite our best efforts, it is very hard to take learners up from a Grade D to C in 12 months, when for many learners they have spent their last 11 years in school not getting or enjoying either Maths or English, and for many it is both. We are planning 1500 of our new starts in September will join us with Grade D's in either Maths or English and we have been searching for a solution to ensure these learners are given the very best opportunity to succeed.

“As part of our research we have been introduced to the Australian organisation Kip McGrath which has personal tutor centres all over the globe and provide a personalised on-line learning approach for every learner. We have been extremely impressed with how they have responded to our needs to ensure every one of our learners has access to a weekly personalised on-line session tailored to their needs within Maths and English enabling learners to only focus on the areas where they need support. The response to our needs has also been cost effective and the tailored programmes have been given the thumbs up by some of our most disengaged learners who were encouraged and motivated by the personalisation and recognition that they had progressed during every session.”

Storm McGrath, CEO Kip McGrath comments: “We are thrilled to be working with the South Gloucester and Stroud Colleges. We look forward to utilising our expertise in the further education market to cater for the children who have now completed school. An individual program will be tailored to their skill level so we can build on that platform to get the basics right. We have found that even the most disengaged child can learn using this method.  Afterwards they can go on to achieve a college education and employment.’

Sara-Jane adds: “Across the country there are very low achievement rates for GCSE resit provision and although SGS has had higher achievement rates than the National Average, I am absolutely confident that by working closely with Kip McGrath we will pioneer and develop a successful model for the further education environment.”

Rebecca Ridd Head of Maths and English said: "It is a wonderful opportunity for our students' success that SGS and Kip McGrath are working to develop an exciting and initiative study programme to benefit them as they face the challenge of resitting a GCSE." 

If your college is interested in finding out more and would like to discuss how SGS have developed this scheme, please contact Sara-Jane Watkins on 01453 761106