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An afternoon of artistic flair for SGS students

Preparation for Work and Life students currently studying at the Stroud Campus had an afternoon of dancing, singing, and showing off their art work, at the end of last month.

The end of term presentation and show was based on the theme of the 1960's to celebrate the end of the academic year. It was an opportunity for parents and wider college staff to celebrate the students’ success and for learners to receive their NCFE Certificates for Performance Skills. Amazingly there was a 100% achievement rate for this qualification.

The celebration also recognised the successful involvement with the Gloucester City Centre Community Partnership where students made artwork for the city.

Tutor, Katie, McCue commented: “It was wonderful that the afternoon’s events were so well supported by both staff and parents. The dance performances received much applause and it was a joy for the students to show these vital members of our college community what they can achieve.”