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For anybody interested in the world of counselling SGS College is the place to be. We offer a range of courses from a basic introductory training to the more advanced higher level courses.

Some reasons given by students for studying Counselling at SGS College include:

  • Career change
  • Finding a worthwhile, fulfilling profession
  • To understand about others and me
  • To improve the quality of my relationships
  • To be better at communicating with others
  • To enhance my current job role
  • To give back the care I've been given by other

To start on one of our introductory courses you do not need any formal qualifications just a willingness to be open to self-learning and to find out more about counselling. On successful completion you could then go onto Level 2, then level 3 and finally the Level 4 Diploma which is a licence to practice. For the some there is the possibility of even taking our Level 5 advanced course. The beauty of this system is you can be flexible about how quickly and when you want to learn. It is possible to fast track through the levels or take breaks. Meanwhile. If you have done some of your training elsewhere you can join one of our courses subject to references.

All of courses are nationally and BACP approved and the higher levels have links to The Open University.

So if you are up for a challenge and would like to learn lots about yourself, personally develop and take on a rewarding profession Counselling training at SGS College could be for you.