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Animal Care Students Learn the Basics of Bird of Prey Handling

At the beginning of October the Level 2 BTEC Animal Care students at SGS College took part in a bird of prey handling demonstration run by ex Filton College Science Technician and bird of prey hobbyist, Peter Burden.

As part of the students Animal Behaviour and Handling unit, the learners had the unique opportunity to handle a Harris Hawk, a Saker Falcon and a Great Horned Owl.

The Great Horned Owl, "Erica" was hand reared by Peter Burden during his time at Filton College. He used the animal to discuss the positives and negatives of imprinting by humans.

Teacher, Emma Dicker, comments: "The Animal Behaviour and Handling unit is very practical so demonstrations, guest speakers and visitors feature heavily. Students were excited about handling such unusual animals and were eager to ask Peter questions relating to the industry."