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Teachers complete cutting-edge training at SGS

A revolutionary training programme designed by SGS in partnership with Microsoft, Lamar University and The Tablet Academy, was rolled out to the College’s top-class teachers in May, to inspire teaching staff to reach new heights of teaching excellence, especially in the use of digital technologies in the classroom.

The programme, which directly supports the College’s new digital Strategy, consisted of: five half-day expert-level training sessions of Microsoft 365, project based activities to develop the use of technology in Teaching, Learning and Assessment (TLA), an away day to develop Schemes of Work and online activities to build knowledge and technology skills.

Upon completion of the programme each teacher was awarded with a Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Certificate and a Lamar University Certificate in Technology Enhanced Teaching, which can be converted into university credits towards an M.Ed.

Speaking about this new teacher-training initiative, Head of Digital Learning and Development at SGS, Simon Kay, said:

“I have been really impressed at how much effort this cohort of teachers has put into developing their digital skills - in all cases we have seen an impact on learner engagement and outcomes. It has been such a success we now have a second cohort of teachers who will go engage with the programme again starting in July!"