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Take a cutting-edge approach to art history at SGS

SGS College is seeking out art historians of the future to enrol onto the College’s popular BA (Hons) Art History programme.

The course, which takes place at College’s Bristol School of Art, next door to the Royal West of England Academy (RWA) at the top of Park Street, combines new media technologies with more traditional disciplinary practices to equip the next generation of art historians with the skills they’ll need to succeed and to shape the cultural and creative industries.

Within the course, which is still accepting applicants for September 2018, ethno- and gender-centric art histories are contextualised amongst diverse, non-Western practices with a view to redressing historic imbalances and injustices. From Banksy to Basquiat, from Kusama to Kngwarreye, students are encouraged to find their own place and voice within these fantastically complex visual worlds.

The course actively seeks students who want to challenge and shape the future of the discipline of art history; individuals who feel disconnected from the representations that they see in galleries and museums and who want to effect change. Students from non-traditional educational backgrounds are encouraged to apply; integrated into the programme of study is the professional writing and ICT training necessary for working across the multi-media, cross-platform formats that are now industry standard.

Speaking about the course, Course Leader, Dr Louise Franklin said:

“In an image-saturated world, who is seen and not seen in cultural institutions, both on the wall and in the audience, has wide-ranging consequences for both the individual and society.

“Art history is all too often perceived as a space where the voice of the white, male, upper-middle-class commentator remains dominant. SGS College’s BA Art History programme sets out to contest this and other myths and in doing so contribute to a discipline which could and should represent all voices as equal.”

BA Art History is still accepting applicants for both full-time and part-time study to begin in September 2018. For more information please contact the Course Leader, Dr Louise Hughes:

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