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Student Natasha selected for England Women’s Developmental Tour

SGS student Natasha Wraith has been selected to attend England Women’s Developmental Tour in India, April 7th - 27th.

Natasha, who is also a member of the College’s Cricket Academy, trains three times a week and plays a series of matches during the Summer.

Speaking about Natasha’s success, Head Coach, Simon Hinks, said:

“Nat has fully committed to the cricket programme, she has shown determination to achieve her goals and continues to make improvements to all aspects of her game and her strength and conditioning.” 

Natasha says:

“The development tour in India will be a good way to help improve my game. We will play and train in testing conditions and it can only be of benefit to me in the long term. In particular, I will be looking to improve how I bat and keep wicket against the spinning ball.”