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Staff brush up on the bare necessities of Animal Science and Conservation

Animal Science and Conservation staff at SGS College completed a bespoke training session, Monday 7th January, to brush up on their industry knowledge and teaching skills.

Training was provided by senior education lead at Puxton Farm Park, Joe Huntley, who was joined by his glamorous assistants, Chalky the cockatoo, Pip the chicken, Tammy the Turkey and Hamish the Hare.

Staff enjoyed hands-on learning and expert knowledge from Joe, refreshing their knowledge of bird husbandry and methods of health checking, as well as learning how farm parks are run and the business protocols in line with DEFRA and Zoo Licensing standards. Joe also gave insight into the wide range of career opportunities available within Farm Parks and potential pathways for learners.

This session will enable staff to teach their students the latest information, supporting them to meet the criteria in the new BTEC Framework.

Plans are now in place for Joe to return to SGS and present to students during Employability Week, which is an annual event where employers and people from industry help students prepare for the world of work.