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Wendy Ingram

How long have you worked at SGS?

I have worked for the same department with SGS for 5 years, where I specialise in helping students understand and achieve qualifications in English and Maths.

What do you teach/specialise in?

I presently teach students of all ages, ranging from 16 years of age up to 70 years young.  Students can be on a vocational course, apprenticeship or just want to gain a valid qualification in English and Maths. The subjects I teach are English Maths and ICT all at different levels.  I have recently starting teaching GCSE Maths.  Most of the topics I teach are the most vital to help students go to university, obtain promotion in work or obtain a job.

What is the best thing about your job?

I really do enjoy my job. I love the subjects I am currently teaching and I thrive on the challenges that each day brings.  I would like to think that I make a difference to students in their understanding and achievement of their goals.

Where did you work previously/doing what?

Over the last 25 years, I have worked in another college, a training agency and been self-employed as Moderator for a leading qualification provider. Before I became a qualified lecturer I was a manager/trainer in a large company, where I trained staff of ages in business admin duties, computing and office equipment.