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They’re flexible, they’re fun and they get you going... fast forward!
Our GCSE programme offers you the possibility of studying from one to five GCSE subjects. It is up to you.
You decide what courses are right for you.

Outline of Programme
What is the course like?

The programme lasts for 1 year and you can study up to 5 subjects. In addition there will be opportunities to take some extra curricular activities. GCSEs run over 4 days  meaning that full time students have 1 day off a week.
Lessons start at 9.00am and usually go on until 3.30pm. Single lessons last for 1 hour, doubles for 2. We aim to build our GCSE programme around our learners.

What can I do afterwards?
There are many courses you can study, including A-Levels and a very wide variety of vocational diplomas, provided you meet the appropriate criteria.

What are the other options?
GCSE is one among many Level 2 programmes. You could  choose instead from a very wide range of vocational courses, either Level 2 Diplomas or National Vocational Qualifications or progress onto an apprenticeship.

How will the college support me?
You will be assigned a personal tutor who will set and regularly review your targets for the year and give you lots of help generally. They will also work with you on an exciting acredited progression course and develop your employability skills. There is also a very good Student Services team who can help with a wide variety of issues if they arise.

Entry Requirements
Applicants normally require at least 3 GCSEs at grade D or above. All applicants are interviewed. For those applicants who did not complete their GCSEs we will in some cases make an exception to the normal entry requirements if you perform well at induction tests at interview.